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Rustiévora - Real Estate Company Ltd has as one of its missions to obtain strategic partnerships with the best business partners in the region and the country. The relentless pursuit of quality properties, different from the common supply, is essential to surprise our customers and to enable them a safe investment.


We have at your disposal an experience of over 18 years of real estate in Portugal, rather centred in Evora, though most recently with a number of successes in Lisbon, maintaining and re-creating strategic partnerships from north to south. Our team is competent and well-connected with the people and knowledgeable about the market in general.


We also have a set of sophisticated means which include an extensive and dynamic computer network, with the export of our properties to over 200 portals and search engines, in Portugal and abroad, so that we can quickly be closer to our end customers.


We work for us and for all, to meet one of our goals as real estate agents: the successful real estate transaction, thus satisfying both promoters and buyers and sellers families.


We are constantly monitoring the market in order to determine precisely the properties available and the expectations of the owners and / or promoters through direct and face to face contact. We will be happy to share with you the market values, average time of property sale as well as any other information in the real estate market which you might consider necessary.


We offer you our time, working with promoters, architects, engineers and operators of real estate market in general, to provide you with the best investment solutions. We are very proud of the work we are developing in our beautiful Alentejo region where it will be our pleasure to help you make your dreams come true. Contact us by 266750040 or by email at rustievora@gmail.com.


Thank you for your visit.

"Our staff is comprised of experienced professionals with extensive knowledge to suggest the best alternatives."

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